FIAP Nature Biennial – Prints & PDI Wanted

It’s that time again where we are asked to enter the Nature Biennial. Two years ago, we did very well and I’m hoping we can do even better this time.

We need ten photographers for each section, both print & PDI.

We need images representing the following themes:

ANIMALS IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT – It doesn’t matter which animal or how many images you send me.

BIRDS – Once again it doesn’t matter which bird but it would be good if they were doing something, like flight, feeding.

The images you send need to be 3200 pixels on the longest side. If your images are selected, I may ask you for a larger size in case we need them printed.

We have some great photographers out there, so let’s show the rest of the world. I look forward to receiving your images.

Jenny Hibbert (email: