Stanley Chell Competition 2022

Aberdare Camera Club are pleased to announce that the Stanley Chell 2022 Competition will take place in November of this year. It is expected to be the first print competition open to all WPF Camera Clubs for almost 2 years.

Final details are still to be agreed, but it will require an entry of 4 prints per Club with a requirement of 1 print per Club member. The only other rule is that an image previously entered in the Stanley Shell competition should not be entered again. Prints can be in colour or monochrome, or a combination of both. We will appoint a non WPF judge, and we are seeking a new larger venue in Aberdare for the Competition where the images can be displayed at half time and the end of the event.

Wea are advising you of this now so that everyone has the opportunity to prepare an entry during the summer months. As soon as we have a confirmed date and venue for the Competition we will advise you, and an entry form and full entry rules will be sent to all Club Competition Secretaries in September.

Our committee are excited about being able to stage this event after such a long absence, and we hope that all WPF Clubs will participate.