WPF Conference Programme 2022

2022 is the 50th Annual WPF Convention!
Attendance at the Event, In-Person or by Zoom, is FREE!

[Convention Schedule and Brochure with full details download  here]

Saturday and Sunday 20/21 August in Bridgend at the Heronston Hotel.

Everybody must make their own arrangements for food and board if required. (Packed lunches may be consumed in the Conference room or the outside sheltered seating areas.)

This will be a “Hybrid” event so you may choose to attend as best suited to your personal concerns. Space is strictly limited for both In-Person and Virtual Attendees and will be allocated on a first come – first served basis.

Please Register your interest (Name/Club/Day/Method) by email to wpfconf@gmail.com

WPF engraved slate Momento will be available to those attending in person.

Speakers include:
Leigh Preston
Sue O’Connell
Peter Brisley
Chris Palmer

The Convention Trophy Competition will be resumed.

Fotospeed will hold an Image/Print Surgery.

Please do not forget to Register by email to wpfconf@gmail.com