FIAP Distinctions

We are encouraging you to take your photography further and apply for a distinction by providing easy to read information.  On applying to your WPF Liaison Officer, you will be provided with a starter pack with all the information required to enter international salons,  It may seem a bit daunting at first, but the Liaison Officer will be able to give you advice.  After the judging has taken place, you will receive a catalogue or DVD (depending on the salon) which will keep you up-to-date on all the best amateur photography throughout the world.  The quality of some of these catalogues is quite breathtaking.

Your starter pack will include:
A letter of introduction.
The official FIAP Distinctions Document.
How to fill in your Dossier form (a more informal guide).
The latest FIAP Dossier Form.
Applications will cost £65:00

Visit the FIAP Distinction Services for more information.

The following FIAP Distinctions can be accorded for artistic achievements:
AFIAP (Artiste FIAP)
EFIAP (Excellence FIAP)
EFIAP-levels (Bronze,silver, gold, platinum, diamonds 1, 2, and 3)
AV-AFIAP (Artiste FIAP – Audio Visual)
AV-EFIAP (Excellence FIAP – Audio Visual)
AV-MFIAP (Master FIAP – Audio Visual)

Closing date for applications this year is 10th September 2022.

Deadline for applications this year is 10th October 2022

NOTE!  Although the closing date is the last possible time for your submission to be checked by me, you are advised that your acceptances will not be valid until FIAP have received the Salon file from the respective salon.  Hence you should aim for completion of the requirements well before this date.

The deadline is the last date I will accept Dossiers.  They will be sent to FIAP unchecked and all paperwork and fees must have been paid.

Changes to the requirements were due to take place from January 2022 but have now been postponed until at least 2023.  Considerably more acceptances will be required, more countries and only 5 acceptances per title will be allowed.  At present no prints are required.

Those of you thinking of trying for your AFIAP would be advised to do so right away so that you can submit before Septembers next year under the existing rules.  Fees are also reduced this year and no Prints are required.  Apply to me and you will receive the above starter pack and other information including the current dossier.