The Celtic Challenge Rules

The Celtic Challenge Rules [Printable Version]

The Competition will comprise of three Sections made up of 10 Colour Prints, 10 Monochrome Prints & 10 Projected Digital Images per organisation.

  • Prints should be mounted on 500mm x 400mm (20” x 16”) boards. Please also supply PDI copies of the prints (file named as below, to match the prints) for a DVD to be made to accompany the event. (Prints will be shown by print capture to the audience, at the event).
  • Projected Digital Images should be in jpeg format and not more than 1600px horizontal x 1200px vertical (smaller is acceptable) Please adhere to the file-naming convention supplied below using the organisation codes provided.
  • There is no restriction on the number of entries per photographer but there should be a minimum of 3 photographers represented in each section.
  • Please complete the Entry Form supplied with the titles and photographer details as required and return by email to the organiser. Please print off a copy of the Entry Form and enclose with your prints.
  • Projected Digital Images to be received by the organiser by the agreed date. Images can be sent by post to the address supplied, or via email using Dropbox or WeTransfer. (No account or software installation is required for WeTransfer)
  • If using Dropbox please use the following email address: 
  • Prints should be delivered by post or by hand to the venue by 9.30am on the day of the competition. (Alternatively they can be handed over at the PAGB Print Championships.
  • Each Federation will be asked to pay £15 as an entry fee. (Cheques payable to the hosting Federation).


File-naming –  Please number your files to match your entry form 01, 02, 03… to 10 followed by an underscore_ then the two letter Organisation Code provided followed by an underscore_ then the title of the image followed by an underscore_ then the Author Name  – Image Number_Organisation Code_Title_Author Name

The filename should have no spaces in it other than in the ‘title’ or ‘author name’. Please don’t add distinctions to the filenames. You may add them to the Entry Form if you wish. 

Your filename should look like this e.g. for the first Scottish entry titled ‘Misty Loch Ard’ by Libby Smith –  01_CC_Misty Loch Ard_Libby Smith

Organisation Codes –  

AC – Cornwall PA;    AM – Isle of Man;    AN – North Wales;

BN – Northern Ireland PA;    BW – Welsh PF;    CC – Scottish PF;   CR – Irish PF.