Carmarthen Conference Programme 2019

Carmarthen Conference 2019

The 2019 event took place on the weekend of Friday 30th August to Sunday 1st September, 2019.

Speakers on Saturday

Clive Tanner FRPS MPAGB APAGB     

Divine Light

Guy Edwards BA                                 

Landscapes from around the world                        Wildlife from around the world

Dave Butcher ARPS       

Cities in black and white                                          Landscapes in black and white


Speakers on Sunday


Clive Tanner FRPS MPAGB APAGB     

Beyond Divine Light (MPAGB panel) 

Roger Parry ARPS MPAGB EFIAP       


Roger and Judith Parry DAPG AFIAP 

Portraiture and figure photography                          Creative figure photography

Other features

Print competition

Trade stands   

Full details in the links below on the time table and booking details


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27 April 2019