Photographer’s Card

FIAP PHOTOGRAPHER’S CARD (Life Card). All candidates for a FIAP Distinction made to national federations after 1st January 2004 must hold a FIAP Photographers Card.

You must apply for one of these Life Cards by registering with  FIAP  You can register with FIAP by creating a free personal profile on the platform.  This video will show you how do it.

You will be issued with a card number and a profile number, both of which you will be required to fill in on your dossier.  You will pay for your card and receive it directly from FIAP.

Updating your FIAP Life Card There are new rules for updating your life card.  Your original card is valid for life, but if you wish to update the photo or the distinction printed on it, you will have to apply to the liaison officer.  Batches of cards are sent off to FIAP a maximum of twice a year by the liaison officer and he/she will be responsible for distributing the cards to you when they are returned updated.
There will be a charge of £30 payable by cheque to the WPF and sent to the liaison officer.