This website is composed of PAGES and a BLOG.

The Blog
The latest news
is in date order on the left hand column on the HOME PAGE, from the very latest information at the top to older items below.  The blog will give you dates of contests and the results.  It will also refer you to pages where required.

The index to the BLOG is in the right-hand margin.  You can access the BLOG by category by clicking on the appropriate title.  The dropdown box below will give you all the news for the chosen month.  

You can access PAGES via the DROP-DOWN MENUS under the banner along the top of the site.  PAGES give you detailed information about a subject.  It may be lists of names of the Exec or Judges, or descriptions of contests with their important rules.  FIAP rules and information will be on pages, but important changes to rules, or deadlines will appear as news headlines in the BLOG as well as on the relevant page.

Events Calendar
There is an Events Calendar in the WPF dropdown menu where you can quickly get  information on coming events.