Barrian Cup 2023 – 10th June 2023

Barry Camera Club invite you to join them at 2pm on Saturday 10th June 2023 for the Barrian Cup competition!

It takes place at St. Francis Millennium Hall, Porth-y-Castell, Barry, CF62 6NX and refreshments will be provided and raffle tickets will be on sale.

The judge will be Dennis Russ.

Return of Welsh Salon Prints

A BIG thank you to all who entered this year’s Welsh Salon. We look forward to you entering again next year.

The salon prints into their boxes and are ready for collection. Please contact Cliff Emery on 07482672241 or email him at to make arrangements to collect.

Alternatively, let him know if you’d prefer to collect them from the Barrian Cup next Saturday, 10th June.

PAGB APM – Trial of Two New Levels

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit – Trial of Two New Levels

In response to demand from Individuals, Clubs and Federations, the PAGB is introducing, on a trial basis, two new ways to achieve an Award for Photographic Merit.

BPAGB – Badge Level

The Badge Level will be assessed at exactly the same standard as the CPAGB but will require fewer images and a slightly lower passing score. (7 Prints required. Entry Fee £42)

  1. Entry is available under the same conditions and criteria as apply to CPAGB applications.
  2. The entries will be included in the CPAGB category, and the Adjudicators will not be told which are CPAGB entries and which are BPAGB entries. They will thus be voted on according to the same criteria against the same standard as the CPAGB.
  3. Entry is not available to holders of the CPAGB.
  4. The entry is 7 images. The passing score for BPAGB will be 125. The normal review procedure of near misses will apply. Entrants achieving 125 or more will be awarded a BPAGB Certificate and Badge. (A newly sourced badge, identical to the CPAGB but White).

EPAGB – Excellence Level 

  1. The Excellence Level is a step up from DPAGB, assessed at exactly the same standard but with a significantly higher passing score. (15 Prints required. Entry Fee £90).
  2. Application for the Excellence Award is only open to existing holders of the DPAGB in Print, PDI or AV who have held the DPAGB for at least 11 months and who are still current, active members of an affiliated Club.
  3. The entries will be included in the DPAGB category, and the Adjudicators will not be told which are DPAGB entries and which were EPAGB entries. They will thus be voted on according to the same criteria against the same standard as the DPAGB.
  4. No images which were used in the previously successful DPAGB entry can be used for the entry for EPAGB.
  5. The passing score for EPAGB will be 330. The normal review procedure of near misses will apply. Entrants achieving 330 or more will be awarded a EPAGB badge*. Entrants failing to achieve 330 but achieving 300 or more will not be awarded a further DPAGB certificate and badge. (A newly sourced badge –similar to the current DPAGB with an added “scroll”).

Both new levels are NOW OPEN FOR ENTRY for the next Adjudication in November but, for this trial, only applications in Prints will be accepted.

For further information go here.

Ace of Prints Entry Reminder

The Closing Date for this Competition is 18th June 2023 with the Competition taking place on the 2nd July at the Briton Ferry Community Hall, Briton Ferry, SA11 2NS.

24th May – Change of instructions: please send your entries to Peter Young

For completeness I have again attached the Rules (Word or PDF) and the Entry Form (Word or PDF) for your use. You’ll also need to arrange a payment of £10 entry fee to the WPF Treasurer David Condon.

The Competition is in two Rounds. Round 1 for 12 prints and Round 2 for 15 prints. You will need to have selected your first Round of 12 prints in time to Email me the completed form prior to midnight on the 18th June, you will need a printed copy to accompany the prints in the carrying box in the correct sequence– they need to be delivered at 9.00am on Saturday 2nd July 2023 to the Judging Venue in Briton Ferry. (Because choosing the Second Round only takes place after Round 1 is Judged there would be a need for attendance at the Event by one or more of your Committee members.

When the first round has been judged you will then make your selection of the 15 prints for Round 2 – you will need to fill out 3 copies of the Round 2 entry form – one to accompany the prints, in sequence, one to give to the team running the Judging and one for yourself. You should by now  have a better appreciation of what the Judges preferences and predilections are to better select your Round 2 entry – timing will be announced on the day.

The top two Clubs on the day will be invited to represent the WPF at the PAGB Inter Club Print Competition normally held in Blackburn in October.

Roy Thomas 01639644757 / 07880710908

WPF Entries for PAGB Inter-Fed 2023

This year’s PAGB Inter-Federation Competition is, again, for prints only and our entries have been chosen from submissions to the Memorial Competitions and the Welsh Salon, together with photographs sent directly to Jenny Hibbert, who chose the majority of our entries. The lists of entries can be found below.

Colour          Mono         Nature

Congratulations to all the photographers whose work has been selected to represent the Federation. Now we await the adjudication which takes place over the weekend of 3 & 4 June. Watch this space!


74th Midland Salon Open for Entries

The 74th Midland International Salon of Photography is now open for entries. There are over 200 awards to be won and the salon has PSA, FIAP, GPU & PAGB patronage.

The Exhibition of Prints and Projected Digital Images will be held at the the Old School House, Churchbridge, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 2AS, UK
12th to 18th August 2023.

Full details here. Enter here.

Rhondda 80th Anniversary Exhibition

This year Rhondda Camera Club is celebrating its 80th Anniversary.

They have kicked off their celebrations with an exhibition at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital canteen. They are hoping it’ll be there for 2 to 3 months.

If you are interested you can pop in and take a look whilst having a cuppa.

Hay CC at the Hay Festival

Hay Camera Club, with support from the Carmarthen Camera Centre, will exhibit a range of photographic prints, available to view and purchase, and share our passion for photography at the Hay Festival.

Full details in this press release.

John Long Photobook

John Long, a member of Kingswood Photographic Society for nearly sixty-six years, was a well-known and well-loved photographer and friend of many of us. Sadly, he passed away on 24th of January 2021 at the age of 89.

As a tribute, members of Kingswood PS are producing a photobook which will include recollections of John’s passion for photography, demonstrating his wish to share his knowledge and encouraging others on their photographic journey, as well as many of John’s photos.

If you’d like a copy of the book, please contact Adrian & Vanessa Herring before Monday, 15th of May, using Vanessa’s e-address:

The cost per unit will depend on the number of our bulk order but it will be no more than £25.