2024 Welsh Salon Exhibition

The 2024 Welsh Salon of Photography Exhibition opens on Saturday May 4th and closes on Saturday 25th May.

The Awards presentation is at 12.30 on Saturday 4th May.

Museum Opening Hours are Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 -3.30. (Closed Sunday and Monday).

2024 Welsh Salon Results

Here are the results of the 2024 Welsh Salon of Photography.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved an acceptance. To those who were unlucky, there were a lot of narrow misses so please try again next year.

The juges were:

All Acceptance by Club
All Awards
Colour Prints
Monochrome Prints
Nature Prints

Huge thanks to Salon Chair John Surridge and his team for organising the event.

Alyn Wallace

Many of you will have heard the incredibly sad news of the passing of Alyn Wallace.

Alyn, originally from Pontypridd spoke to many PF clubs and his talks were a treat. Always memorable and awe inspiring. Such dedication to a craft is rare. We cannot believe he has gone at such a young age. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

His family has released the following statement:

As many of you probably have already heard, our miraculous talent Alyn Wallace (Wally) has passed away on 28th of March. There are no words to describe our loss and the pain we’re in. Knowing that he’s had a chance to touch many lives through social media, teach, inspire, and connect with so many souls worldwide puts a consolation smile on all of us.

It is still too early to make any decisions. This unfortunate loss has happened in a foreign country. We believe you’ll understand. It’s hard to comprehend the staggering size of his influence sphere for us boomers, and social media is not exactly a priority at the moment. Any developments regarding his work, equipment, workshops, legacy et cetera will be announced via this account in reasonable time.

We cannot check this account for messages frequently, so if you’d like to contact about his (or your) professional work, suggestions, payments, bookings, ideas or anything else, please contact his mother through paulinewallace1@hotmail.co.uk.

Just to avoid any misunderstanding or misinformation, we would like to clarify: his immune system was weakened due to a pre-existing condition, and a simple gall bladder stone infection spread rapidly, causing multiple organ failure, resulting in his untimely demise.

Pauline & Ian WALLACE

2024 AWPF Workshop & Assessment Dates

The workshop will take place on the 4th of May 2024 at the Cynon Valley Museum in Aberdare.  The workshop is open to everyone and not just AWPF applicants so if you would like to come along please contact Paul James distinctions@thewpf.co.uk for further information.

The AWPF assessment day will take place on the 3rd of November 2024 at Talbot Green.  Details will be released closer to the date.

For any other information regarding the AWPF please feel free to contact Paul at the email address above.

Welsh Salon Exhibition

The official opening of the 2024 Welsh Salon of Photography is set for the 4th of May 2024 at the Cynon Valley Museum in Aberdare. We are still waiting final confirmation though.

The exibition runs from 4th May to 25th May but we strongly recommend that you do not visit on the last day becasue, as always, it will be demounted on that day.

More details about the opening ceremony times when we have them….

Peter Young announces his retirement

Open letter to the members of the Executive Committee of The Welsh Photographic Federation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hereby inform you that I am retiring from the Executive Committee with immediate effect.

It was early February, 1984, when I was elected to the Council of The Midland Counties Photographic Federation (MCPF).  I joined in order that I could serve clubs through our joint efforts and that has remained my focus throughout.  I committed myself to The Welsh Photographic Federation (WPF) in March 2015 and was elected to the Executive Committee.  I retired from MCPF in June 2015.  That all constitutes just over 40 unbroken years’ service to clubs.  A fitting time for me to do this.

During that 40 years, probably the only role that I have not taken on is that of General Secretary.  Most of my efforts have been around exhibitions at both Federation and International levels.  I was President of both MCPF and WPF and my research leads me to believe that I am one of only three people to have had that distinction.  I was enormously proud of the WPF’s achievements during the COVID-19 Lockdowns, while I was President, and afterwards; a number of other PAGB Federations followed our lead.

Throughout my time in organised club photography, I have worked hard to make amateur photographers enjoy their hobby as well as they can.  As I said, earlier, my focus has always been on the clubs.  Thus, I was pleased to be able to make the first announcement of my impending retirement to the WPF clubs who were present at the WPF Memorials Day on Sunday – it seemed fitting that the clubs should be the first to know.

I remain willing, anxious even, to help someone into the role of Welsh International Chairman and shall be pleased to answer any questions that a possible volunteer may have.

It has been a pleasure, a privilege and a life-changing process to serve the clubs of both MCPF and WPF.  My most sincere thanks go to all those who have helped me, especially to my wife Jill, without whom I should not have been able to do so much.  Thank you, Jill.

I wish you well in your endeavours in an exciting period of change.  I shall still be around, but in the audience, not at the front.

Yours in photography,
21 February 2024

Only Mono Competition

Cymru Mono’s 2024 ‘Only Mono’ battle takes place on April 6th.

It is anticipated that around 40 clubs will be taking part, each with four Monochrome prints.

It starts around noon (tbc) and the venue is St Theodore’s Church, 17 Talbot Rd, Port Talbot, SA13 1LE.