75th Midland Salon of Photography

The 75th Midland Malon, organised by the Midland Counties Photographic Federation is open for entry. It has PSA, FIAP, GPU & PAGB patronage and you may enter prints & projected images.

There are over 200 awards and low entry fees – only pay for sections you enter and all entrants receive an A4, 68-page colour catalogue.

There are six sections:
Open monochrome prints.
Open colour prints.
Open colour projected images.
Open monochrome projected images.
Nature projected images.
Scapes projected images.

The online entry system is now open at www.midland-salon.com

Closing date 24th June 2024.

PSA News

In Wales there are just 16 individual members of which 12 are members of WPF clubs.  These members have entered many International Exhibitions and as a result gained  honours recognition offered by the PSA ROPA ( Recognition of Photographic Achievement) scheme which offers various levels each more challenging.

These members have gained many of these honours:-
8 at the first level of QPSA
10 at PPSA
5 at EPSA
2 at MPSA
1 at MPSA2
1 at GMPSA
1 at GMPSA/B
All the above predominantly for DPI’s.
1 at BPSA  which is an award for a panel of either prints or DPI.
That is a great achievement.

New Year is the time for making new resolutions so why not set yourselves the target of seeking PSA recognition.Some of you are seeking FIAP awards and many of the exhibitions entered will also have PSA recognition.

If you need help or guidance then I will be most happy to assist.

Ian Ledgard (PSA Membership Director, Wales).

Bristol Salon – Entries Deadline Approaches

The 2024 Bristol Salon of Photography closing date for entries is 28 January 2024.

There are approximately 300 Medals and Ribbons to be awarded plus FIAP Blue Badge for Best Entrant. They also continue to support print workers with 3 Print and 3 Projected Image Sections: (Open Colour, Open Monochrome, Nature) and low entry fees and discounts for club/group entries.Email Salon Chairman at chairman@bristolsalon.co.uk for details

On-line entry system: www.bristolsalon.co.uk

More details: chairman@bristolsalon.co.uk

PSA News from Ian Ledgard

Two Welsh PSA members have enjoyed great success in the Essence Circuit in India, a 5 judging circuit.

WPF member David Edwards gained 17 acceptances including a PSA Gold medal and three merit awards

Sharon Prenton-Jones from North Wales gained 21 acceptances with 3 PSA Gold medals anone Gold and three Silver Salon medals.

Both help to keep the profile of Welsh photography alive and kicking – congratulations to both photographers.

Ian Ledgard
PSA Membership Director Wales

PSA News

PSA members in Wales have been quietly working away towards gaining PSA awards by entering PSA recognised Exhibitions.  This involves a pathway of star, galaxy and diamond acceptances. Thus far in 2023 the following members have achieved these awards listed below:-

Mike Bray  4 stars in Mono
David Edwards Galaxy 4 in Nature
Paul James  5 stars in Mono and Galaxies 2 and 3 in colour
Ian Ledgard  Galaxy 9 in Mono and Galaxy 7 in Photo Travel
Hazel Price  2 stars in colour
Kevin Robertson  First star in Photojournalism.

Well done everybody and keep working towards your next targets.

If WPF members are interested in pursuing PSA recognition then I will be happy to explain the system. For those who have FIAP acceptances these will qualify for PSA as long as that exhibition also had PSA recognition.

Ian Ledgard, GMPSA/b

PSA News

Welsh photographers have achieved good results in the New Year Circuit in Serbia. PSA Member Neville Thomas had 16 acceptances and won a Bronze Medal and an HM. Ian Ledgard had 7 acceptances and was also awarded an HM.

Three other Welsh based photographers also had successes and might perhaps consider seeking PSA recognition of their achievements John Bell and Matthew Jones both collected 16 acceptances and Anthony Baggett 8. How about it folks?

Ian Ledgard
PSA Membersip Director, Wales

PSA Success for Mike Bray

Many congratulations to Mike Bray of Port Talbot CC a new PSA member who had a very successful report from the Taj Mahal Circuit in India, where he collected 26 acceptances along the a Gold, silver and Bronze medals. A great result which I hope might encourage others to submit their work into PSA recognised salons.

Ian Ledgard, GMPSA, PSA Membership Director Wales & PSA Liasion Officer Wales

PSA News

Congratulations are in order for Colin Price of New Quay Camera Club who has recently been awarded PPSA in recognition of his proficiency in International Exhibitions with Prints and Digital Images.  This award requires at least 288 acceptances. Well done Colin.

There are many more photographers in Wales who enjoy success in PSA recognised exhibitions who I know could also gain awards with works already accepted. Please do consider adding PSA recognitions to your armoury. For more details contact me at ian.ledgard@talk21.com

Ian Ledgard, GMPSA, PSA Membership Director Wales, PSA Liasion Officer Wales.