PSA News

PSA members in Wales have been quietly working away towards gaining PSA awards by entering PSA recognised Exhibitions.  This involves a pathway of star, galaxy and diamond acceptances. Thus far in 2023 the following members have achieved these awards listed below:-

Mike Bray  4 stars in Mono
David Edwards Galaxy 4 in Nature
Paul James  5 stars in Mono and Galaxies 2 and 3 in colour
Ian Ledgard  Galaxy 9 in Mono and Galaxy 7 in Photo Travel
Hazel Price  2 stars in colour
Kevin Robertson  First star in Photojournalism.

Well done everybody and keep working towards your next targets.

If WPF members are interested in pursuing PSA recognition then I will be happy to explain the system. For those who have FIAP acceptances these will qualify for PSA as long as that exhibition also had PSA recognition.

Ian Ledgard, GMPSA/b