List of Presenters

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Presenters:  If you have any high praise or complaints about the way you have been treated by any club, or have any useful suggestions on how clubs could make your evening with them more pleasurable, please email me at the WPF at the address above.

Key to format of lectures:
P             Print lecture
S             Slide lecture 
S+           Slides larger than 35mm
D             Demonstration
AV           Audio Visual or Slide/Sound
Di            Digital/Computer/Projection
V             Video

All Presenters are subject to Welsh Photographic Federation Annual Renewal.
The WPF reserves the right to remove Presenters from the list

Please Note!  Titles should be SHORT and a maximum of TWELVE.  These limits are imposed by the PAGB in their handbook which makes my life much easier.  They allow six lines, two titles per line, so long titles will mean you lose a title which means I will knock off the last, etc.!


It is courteous for clubs to introduce the presenter properly, with their distinctions.

A’Herne, Megan LRPS Caerphilly  02920 862 913 / 07415 213 545
Adventures in Multimedia / Program 1 Welcome to my world
Will bring my own equipment.

Bennion, Phil & Enid  Vale of Glam  01446 792 977
  A wide range of sequences with subjects as diverse as cycle travel to tapestries
Both digital and slide presentations.
Phil and Enid bring their own slide projector

Bray, Mike QPSA PPSA  Port Talbot  07757 942 163 / 01639 794 363
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di Sports Photography
DI A Kruger Park Safari.

Britton, Peter BA Hons (Photography) Masters (Photography) Bridgend  07967 300 319
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di  The Importance of Projects
Di  Photography and education
Di  Photographic formats

Burns, John  Gwent  07927 514 475
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di  Lightroom Overview, Lightroom processing, HDR with Photomatix Pro and anything related.

Byram, Jenny DPAGB EFIAP  Bristol  01179 561 896
Di  There and back again – varied assortment of digital sequences

Byram, Tony ARPS AWPF DPAGB EFIAP & Jenny Bristol  01179 561 896
Di  Here, there and everywhere :- variety of travel and other digital sequences
Di  Mr and Mrs :- How two people see things differently
D   Demos on how to use Pictures to Exe from the basics up

Carr, Roy AWPF  Treharris  07919 271 883
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di/P Roy’s Outdoor Life (Landscape and Adventure Photography)
Di/P  A Year in their Lives – long term project on sheep farming
Di  From Very Near To Not Quite So Far.      
Di  Only Mono –  A  selection of monochrome work
P  40/40  – 40 colour and 40 monochrome prints plus some surprises!

Clatworthy, Mike West Glam  07986 132 161
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di  Mike’s Colour Collection
Di  Mike’s Mono Collection

Cloutman, Ed  EFIAP Hon. FWPF Vale of Glam 01446 751 686
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di/AV The Night Sky – Astronomy and Photography
Di  What Judges Look For                   
Di  Bermuda Revisited!
Di  My Life in Cameras – various cameras using 120 roll film, 35mm, 5×4 film sizes.
P/Di How I Do It – my way of producing a photograph
Each topic takes half an evening in any combination

Coleman, Brian AWPF AFIAP APAGB Hon. FWPF  Mid Glam  01656 658 486 / 07886 472 132
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di  How many did I score?
Di  People photographers from the 1950s to the present

Cooke, John  EFIAP/b ARPS AWPF DPAGB Gwent 01495 270 895 / 07977 495 619
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
P/Di  Working towards Distinctions

Downing, Carl  Newport
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Sports and Wildlife photography. As an accredited photographer with the Tour of Britain and Women’s Tour cycling events I also discuss the issues surrounding pro sports photography and how to get into it.

Dyke, Anthony ARPS West Glam  01792 511 517
AV  Moods of Gower                      
AV  An Alpine Symphony and other songs
AV  A Celtic journey                       
AV  Travels Home and Abroad

Edmunds, Glyn Stafford  07501 772 941 / 01785 308 275
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di Kenya and its Wildlife (multiple presentations)
Di The Wildlife and Work of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya (multiple presentations)

Farr, Martyn  Monmouth  01873 811 085
S/Di  Extreme Caving – 100 miles of Caves under Llangattock 
S/Di  The Wondrous World of Caves. France, China, Japan etc.
S/Di  The Darkness Beckons
S/Di  Cave Diving Explorations around the World
An additional fee is charged. Ask for details.

Freeman, Glyn West Glam 01792 527 375 / 07790 247 610
AV All new audio harmony sequences i.e. Stone Circles, Waterfalls, Moods, Lake District Moods, Arches National Park, Yellowstone, Canadian Rocky Mountains and many more.
Non AV – National Parks of North America

Gardiner, Harry AWPF Pembs  01834 844 257
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Art and Photography and How We ‘See’ Pictures

Gibbs, Linda MPAGB AV-AFIAP & Edgar FRPS, MPAGB AV-AFIAP Cardiff  02920 564 850
The Digital Magic Lantern Show, which includes:-
The Magic Behind the Lantern 1 :- an introduction to Pictures to Exe
AV/Di The Magic behind the Lantern 2 :- Pictures to Exe in greater depth
AV/Di Simply Soundtracks 1 :- an introduction to sound for AV
AV/Di  Simply Soundtracks 2 :- more on sound for AV

Greenhill, Rob  Mid Glam  01443 442 436 / 07811 442 566
P/Di  Nepal :- Its Mountains and People. Includes information on shooting at high altitude and low temperatures.

Harvey, Robert ARPS EFIAP Wiltshire
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di  By the Sea (coastal landscape photography)          
Di  Landscapes for all Seasons
Nature Photography through the Seasons              
Di  In Search of Remarkable Mammals
In Search of Remarkable Birds                               
Di  Winter Photography
Jaguars and Giant Tortoises (wildlife photography in South America)
In the Desert                                                           
Di  The Art of Audiovisual
One Hundred Steps to Excellence (gaining FIAP distinctions)
Di  Stumbling Around In the Dark (Landscape Astrophotography) NEW
Small is beautiful (macro wildlife photography) New 2023
An additional fee plus travel is charged. Ask for details.

Hibbert, Jenny MPAGB EFIAP/g AWPF West Glam  01639 791 425 / 07842 821 511
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di 71 Degrees North                                                 
Di  Gypsy Horse Fair in Appleby
Di  Tales of the River Bank                                       
Di  Finland’s Wildlife in Four Seasons
Di  Migratory Expedition in Mongolia                        
Di  Essentials of being a Wildlife Photographer
Di  Land of the rising sun (wildlife in Japan)

James, Trevor BA (Hons) Photography ARPS AWPF Rhondda 07484 716224   
Di  Mountains, Lakes and Icebergs
Di  Morocco and Japan Different Cultures
Di  Post Processing, Why and How (primarily using Lightroom)
Di/P Montana in winter New

Jenkins Nick ARPS, AWPF, Cardiff,  02920 890 930 / 07876 624 185
Di  Miles and Miles of Fresh Air :- My Interpretation of the Great Outdoors
Di  Monochrome and My Journey
Di  What IS it about Landscapes? NEW 

John, Wayne.  West Glam SA4 07577 656575
DI Those strange Days                                                                                                    
AV Ain’t no sunshine
P  The Unnatural Environment NEW

Knifton, Tim AWPF CPAGB AFIAP  Dolgellau 07931 234 209
Di  The art of urban exploration                         
Di  The art of urban exploration –  Part 2
Di  Soviet Ghosts – Chernobyl and Pripyat       
Di  Beautiful, Abandoned Italy
Di  1 in 150 – an individual photo from the first 150 explores
Di  Drones and Decay  NEW

Ledgard, Ian EFIAP/p GMPSA/b GPU-Cr5 AWPF BPE1 Carms  01558 823 953
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
P  Chemical to Digital :- prints past and present               
P/Di  Mono moments
Di  Stars and Galaxies :- the journey to PSA honours      
Di  Before and After – altered reality
Di  More Mono Moments

Lewis, Barrie ARPS Carms  01267 234 229
The Journey is the Prize

Lingham, David FRPS  Cardiff 07923 091161
 Darkroom Monochrome prints

Lloyd, Allen R ARPS AWPF Gwent  01291 422 915
D/Di  Essential Photoshop                               
Di/P  Mainly Landscape Photography
Di/P  A Digital Miscellany                                 
Di/P  Mainly Wildlife
Di/P  Deep Sky Astrophotography                    
Di  Photographing Landscapes under the Stars
Di  Essential Lightroom
All Landscape and wildlife talks are continually updated and changed so you never get the same programme twice. I bring all of my own equipment.

Loosemore, Les ARPS AWPF DPAGB  Mid Glam  01656 659 585 / 07826 555 304
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
AV/S  Presentation 1 Kenya unplanned, Mombassa, Nairobi, Kenya Railways Workshops, Massai People and On Safari.
AV/S Presentation 2  Prague, Trees in the Landscape, Daintree Rainforest, Butterflies and Birds, Street Performers, Sydney by night
P  Distinction Panels (success and failure), Macro and close-up, Travel and Sport
Les will bring along his own projector for the slide shows.

Martin, Gareth AWPF CPAGB  West Glam 01639 790 041/07731 656 866
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
P A selection of my favourite colour and mono prints                  
P  80 Colour Prints
80 Mono Prints                                         
Di/P Days out – Days in (20 prints are shown at half time)
Di/P  Monochrome Medley (20 prints shown at half time)  NEW
Di/P  A Taste of Wales (20 prints shown at half tome)
Di/P  Location, Location, Location (20 prints are shown at half time)
Di/P Street scenes (which includes 20 prints show at half time)  NEW                    

Martin, Mike AWPF EFIAP BPE1*  Bristol  01179 496 004
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Shooting People
P/D From Capture to Prints (discussion on studio posing, selection images, demo of retouching and post processing, print paper choices)
Di (Zoom) It’s Not What You See, it’s What You Make (mixed look at my creative approach across multiple genres)
Di (Zoom) Nobody (wider selection of my non-people or anonymous people images)
Bespoke talks available on request

Michael, Arwel  Powys  01639 844 080
Di  Ystradgynlais to Snowdonia
Di  The Mountains of Wales in Winter
Di The Mountains of North and Central Wales
Di  Industrial Archaeology of Cwm Twrch. The Bronze Age & Neolithic periods in the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons

Mitchell, Rob MA Photography  Glam  01639 412 650 / 07967 120 504    
Di  A Can of Worms (Basically asking if photography is art)
Di  Cracking the Old Chestnut ( Identifying and avoiding the Cliche Trap)
Di  Reading Photographs ( How we see and interpret photographs)
Di  A New Dialect ( exploring Post Production/Manipulation in photography)
Di  Why Limit Ourselves to the Click (editing versus purist )
Di  Using The Old Grey Matter (B&W v Colour)
Di  Not Just Another Click (Perceptions of Photography)

Morgan, Julie AWPF  Abergavenny 07775 854001
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di  My journey to AWPF (includes prints)

Norton, David AWPF CPAGB Mid Glam 01443 435 745 / 07960 639 023
Amazing Asia 1. Myanmar   
Di/P  Amazing Asia 2. Vietnam
Di/P  Amazing Asia 3. Thailand and more          
Di/P  Inside my head – Creative composites
Di/P  Around Europe

O’Connell, Sue FIPF ARPS EFIAP/d2 DPAGB BPE5* and Peter Brisley ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE2 Bristol  01179 731 326
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Travels towards the Edge: Less visited destinations – Sahara to Mongolia via the Ring of Fire. Expect a bit of everything – architecture, landscapes, documentary but most of all people.
Di/P More Travels Towards the Edge: more out-of-the-way people and places – from camel herders in the Gobi Desert to the nomadic peoples of Gujarat, and a visit to the world’s largest wetland, the Pantanal of Brazil.
Includes print display (when possible).  Sue and Peter are Fotospeed photographers.

Peters, Roy CPAGB AWPF Pembs  01437 541 432
Di  The Pembrokeshire Coast Path                      
Di  A weekend in Barcelona
Di  A trip to Yellowstone National Park                 
Di  Memories of Peru, including the Inca Trail
Di  A few days in and around the Kruger National Park
Di  Making an Audio Visual with ProShow Gold. One hour
Di  Venice and the Adriatic                                   
Di  The National Parks of Arches and Canyonlands
Di  A Journey around Turkey’s Historical Sites    
Di  The War Years on a Country Railway
Di  Toadstools and Goblins                                  
AV The National Parks of Utah NEW

Pinches, Martyn AFIAP AWPF Cardiff 02920 497 257
The club practical night – Facilitation of club portrait evening/Studio Workshop – can organise a model
 Location Workshop – with model
D  Workshop follow up – reviewing the results of the above workshops and comparing them with my own efforts
Di & P He who Judges :- preparing images for competition and/or acceptance in International and Distinction panels
Di  Working with models :- finding models, model releases, copyright, dispelling the myths
As well as travelling expenses, payment for a model may be required

Preece, Peter          Warks  01527 853 444
S   Images of Nature
Di  Every Picture Tells a Story

Rackham, Tony FRPS & Betty FRPS Pembs 01794 368 498 / 01239 820 068
Di  Close up Nature                                     
Di  The Secret Forest
Di  Wildlife in our Garden                            
Di/P Natural images of West Wales
Di Holding your own exhibition                    
Di/P An evening with two Fellows

Rees, Peter Mid Glam  01443 203 379
Di  Coral Reefs of the World (up-dated regularly)

*Ridgewell John LRPS Gwent 01495 272 387
P  Light Entertainment

Russ, Dennis LRPS AWPF AFIAP CPAGB BPE 1* Swansea 07593 259 030
Available via Zoom                           
Di  A talk about my Digital PseudoLiths and Digital looking Bromoil
Di  Several Mono presentations including: I Did It My Way, Urbanex, People, plus others  NEW!
Not Available via Zoom but in Person
AV  Body Painting 
AV People of the UK
AV  Not Mush-Room in Here                  
AV Birds in Flight ‘I Wish I Could Fly’
P  Pseudoliths and Monochrome Prints in Four Themes  

Russell, Dave AFIAP  Cardiff 07946 422 325   Zoom
Di  A to Z of Imaging
Di  Travels with my Camera

Savoie, Phil Award winning BBC Natural History Unit Producer/Cameraman, Gwent  07736 217235
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di  Up Your Photography – Professional tips illustrated with local wildlife, landscape, people & sport
Di  A Trip to the Tropics  – A steamy jungle journey to a tropical rainforest
Di The Private Lives of Bees – The hidden lives of our UK garden bees
Di A Night Under the Stars – Exploring our fabulous dark sky
Di My Wales – Mono and colour from landscape to people
Di My Montana – A visit to the Wild West
Di/D Marvelous Macro – The hidden world around us, professional tricks and techniques
Di/D Mastering Telephoto – Long lens operating skills to capture the uncommon
How did They Do That? BBC Natural History Unit film clips; filmmaking craft revealed
‘Hotel Heliconia’ Authored 50min BBC film screened and deconstructed with Q&A
‘A Moose Named Madeline’ Authored 50min BBC film screened and deconstructed with Q&A
‘Big Sky Bears’Authored 50min BBC film screened and deconstructed with Q&A
Fee plus travel charged

Gary is temporarily not able to do presentations.  Please check this entry before booking.
  Carms 01554 752 314
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
  My 20+ years in club photography up to international acceptances.
P  Success and failure path since 2007: an in-depth look at what worked and failed.
Di  Success and failure path since 2007 on the International path. Many images & genres to consider.
Di  Vision of China & A Taste of Tokyo: A trip into a vast continent
AV An evening presentation showing some more creative & thought provoking shows.

Squires, Allan AWPF FDPS Mid Glam 01443 450 415 / 07951 578 275
D/Di Macro Madness:- first half: flowers and bugs, second half: Keeping an open mind and good imagination
Di ‘Sports’
Di ‘My Life, My Pictures

Sleepy Robot Photography (aka Steve Milton & Jen Williams) Dyfed
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di Outside the Black Box – Before and after we take a picture, prop making, Photoshop etc. Creative Portraiture and Artistic Images (please note Sleepy Robot are standing down from presentations at the end of 2023).

Snook, Ralph ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB Bristol
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di  Nature Images from my Travels

Stewart, Alec AWPF  Mid Glam 01443 206 856
Di ‘Nature’s Calendar’ (British Nature though the seasons)

Stewart, Heidi AWPF Mid Glam  07791 242 237
Di/AV  My Journey So Far (Landscape, candid, natural history)
Di  Every Step I Take (My continuing photographic journey – landscapes of the UK and Iceland)

Weaver, Peter LRPS CPAGB APAGB  Bristol 01179 866 797 / 07884 331 041
Zoom – Also prepared to present via Zoom
Di  I Have Seen the Light
Di  Seeing is Believing?
Di  My Digital View       
Di  Five Weeks in Scotland
Di  My Favourite Photos (Best of)
Di  My Kind of People (Portraits and Candids)
Di  Thirteen Themes
Di  Welcome To The Show (Event Photography)

*Williams-Price, Anthony Mid Glam 01443 830 328
Disasters of the World

Woolford, Leigh Hon. FWPF DPAGB EFIAP AWPF BPE4* Mid Glam 07800 878782                                                                       
Di  A Search for Focus – My journey through photography. Constantly Updated.
Di  Iceland – My favourite locations. With lots of maps and useful information for anyone intending to visit.
Di  Mostly Motor Racing NEW – 40 years as an amateur with a passion for photographing things that go fast. From hill climbs to Formula One. From burgers at Brands to Moet at Monaco.
Di  Dolomite Sprint – NEW – A whistle-stop tour of some amazing locations in the Italian Dolomites.

Wren, Graham J ARPS Hereford,  01600 890 488  
22 illustrated talks on ornithology, wildlife, the environment, general countryside, and travel. Please contact me for an information pack.

Young, Peter LRPS CPAGB AFIAP HonPAGB Blaenau Gwent  01495 291 074
P  Tales from the Dark Side (constantly updated)
Di  Welsh International Salon of Photography – a commentary on the award-winning photographs from the current exhibition. (Available from late October to the end of July. There is no cost to a WPF club; to others there will be a charge of £30 plus speaker’s expenses).