75th Midland Salon of Photography

The 75th Midland Malon, organised by the Midland Counties Photographic Federation is open for entry. It has PSA, FIAP, GPU & PAGB patronage and you may enter prints & projected images.

There are over 200 awards and low entry fees – only pay for sections you enter and all entrants receive an A4, 68-page colour catalogue.

There are six sections:
Open monochrome prints.
Open colour prints.
Open colour projected images.
Open monochrome projected images.
Nature projected images.
Scapes projected images.

The online entry system is now open at www.midland-salon.com

Closing date 24th June 2024.

Bristol Salon – Entries Deadline Approaches

The 2024 Bristol Salon of Photography closing date for entries is 28 January 2024.

There are approximately 300 Medals and Ribbons to be awarded plus FIAP Blue Badge for Best Entrant. They also continue to support print workers with 3 Print and 3 Projected Image Sections: (Open Colour, Open Monochrome, Nature) and low entry fees and discounts for club/group entries.Email Salon Chairman at chairman@bristolsalon.co.uk for details

On-line entry system: www.bristolsalon.co.uk

More details: chairman@bristolsalon.co.uk

FIAP Congratulations

Congratulations to David L Edwards for gaining his EFIAP/g and to Sue Carter, Elisa Best, Rhordri Phillips and Annette O’Connell for gaining their AFIAP Distinctions.

Cliff Emery
Fiap Distinctions Officer

49th Smethwick International Opens

On-line entry System NOW OPEN

3 Print Sections: Open Colour, Open Monochrome, Nature.
Prints can be forwarded to Southampton International

3 Projected Image Sections: Open Colour, Open Monochrome, Nature,

Over 210 Medals and Ribbons to be won.

Patronage: PSA 2023-543, FIAP 2023-579, GPU L230140, PAGB 2023-031

Low entry Fees. Only pay for each section entered. 68 Page A4 Colour Catalogue to each entrant.

Rules Here  Enter at: www.SmethwickInternational.com

Awards for Jenny and Susan

Whilst browsing the latest edition of Rod Whelan’s PAGB E-News, we came across these images of presentation being made to two WPF photographers, Jenny Hibbert and Susan Lacourt Slee. Details below.

You can browse all back issue of E-News here.

FIAP Biennial Results

I was thrilled when I received the WPF results from the FIAP Colour Biennial, held in Greece.

We did so well to achieve 2 Medals; a FIAP Silver Medal to Tom Dee from Afan Nedd, with “Cuddles in the Coal Bunker” and a HPS Gold Medal for the Best Journalism to David Hopes from Bridgend & District camera club for “Number 18 Being Chased”. Congratulations to them both.

The WPF report card can be seen here.

Thanks to everyone who sent images, this is very much appreciated.

Jenny Hibbert

FIAP Distinctions 2021 – Successful Applicants

I am pleased to say that all five candidates have gained their distinctions this year. The successful candidates are:

David Kitson AFIAP
Kevin Robertson AFIAP
David Hopes EFIAP
Margaret Jones EFIAP
Christine Tidman EFIAP bronze

Congratulations to all – well done!

I have your certificates and badges which will be presented at our AGM.  This may change depending on the current Covid conditions.

Ed Cloutman
FIAP Liaison Officer