WPF Images for Fiap Biennial

Below is a list of the images selected to represent the WPF at the colour forthcoming Fiap Biennial. Thanks to everyone who sent Jenny Hibbert  images for consideration.

Bikers Racing (Prints)
Dennis Russ – No 33 Racing
Neil Thomas – 27 on tight corner
Gary Collyer – 98 Concentrating
Allan Pick – Racing in bad weather
Alan Jones – Kicking up the dust
Kev Robertson – Flying high
Morlais Davies – Lady racers
Paul James- 24 in the lead
David Thomas- No 666 racing
David Hopes – No 18 been chased
Hard times for Ragged Victorians (DPI)
Jenny Hibbert – Bartering
John Crowland – Blind beggar
Tom Dee – Cuddles in the coal bunker
Gerald Henry – Abacus
Susan Ashford – Mother & child at the dockyard
Roger Daniel – In prayer
Dawn Latcham – Mamgu
Tony Wilkins – Waiting.
Mike Clatworthy – Deep in thought
Gerald Henry – Hard times
John Crowland – Please help
Chris Tidman – Looking out for Charlotte
Chris Tidman – On the dockside
Jenny Hibbert – Time out
Des Daughton – Pomade sellers
Kev Robertson – Poo collector
Mike Clatworthy – Begging
Roger Daniel – Chimney sweep.
Tom Dee – Trying to keep warm
Dawn Latcham -Rat catcher