PSA News

In Wales there are just 16 individual members of which 12 are members of WPF clubs.  These members have entered many International Exhibitions and as a result gained  honours recognition offered by the PSA ROPA ( Recognition of Photographic Achievement) scheme which offers various levels each more challenging.

These members have gained many of these honours:-
8 at the first level of QPSA
10 at PPSA
5 at EPSA
2 at MPSA
1 at MPSA2
1 at GMPSA
1 at GMPSA/B
All the above predominantly for DPI’s.
1 at BPSA  which is an award for a panel of either prints or DPI.
That is a great achievement.

New Year is the time for making new resolutions so why not set yourselves the target of seeking PSA recognition.Some of you are seeking FIAP awards and many of the exhibitions entered will also have PSA recognition.

If you need help or guidance then I will be most happy to assist.

Ian Ledgard (PSA Membership Director, Wales).