The Welsh Salon

Each year the WPF invites individual club members from both WPF and NWPA clubs to submit up to 12 photographs (eight prints and four projected images) for selection to the Welsh Salon of Photography.

Exhibition Venue – It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a gallery to exhibit the acceptances. The WPF would be happy to pay a reasonable price, or give a donation, but cannot pay hire fees such as £1800 for a month. If anyone knows of a gallery space that will be big enough please check it out and let us know.

We have now introduced online entries. Just like when entering a FIAP Salon such as Smethwick or Southampton or our own Welsh International, you can now fill out the form online. Digital images can be uploaded and print titles entered ready for the judging. Payment should be made by paypal at the time of entry.

Members of clubs from the Welsh Photographic Federation and the North Wales Photographic Association may enter the salon.

Rules for the Welsh Salon    Printable Version

  1. Is open to all members of clubs that are affiliated to the Welsh Photographic Federation and by invitation to the North Wales Photographic Association.
  2. There are 3 Sections, Monochrome Prints, Colour Prints, and PDIs.
  3. No more than 4 images per photographer per section.
  4. Entries are made on-line by the individual photographer.
  5. Print entries to be handed in at or prior to the WPF AGM.
  6. The cost will be outlined at each annual competition.
  7. Previous acceptances are not eligible for entry even if in a different format – e.g. if accepted as a PDI it cannot be entered as a Colour or Mono Print.
  8. There are 3 judges per section, of which one is from outside the Federation.
  9. The return of prints to individuals will be via the clubs.
  10. Each entrant will receive a catalogue and is invited to the opening of the Welsh Salon Exhibition.


General Rules – Applicable to all WPF Competitions

  1. All parts of any image must be produced by a photographic process.
  2. All elements of images must be the photographer’s own work.
  3. The photographer must be a member of a WPF affiliated club.
  4. The Federation has free use of all entries for non-commercial publicity.
  5. The Federation is able to use entries for National and International competitions.
  6. The Federation uses topic definitions given by PAGB.
  7. If an image is accepted/used in a competition it may not be entered in that same competition again.
  8. By virtue of participation the photographer and club accept all these rules.


Dual/multiple club Membership rules.

  1. The photographer who has dual/multiple membership may represent one club in one competition.


Print Sizes, Printing and Mounting

  1. Prints should be presented on a board of 50 cm x 40 cm.
  2. Masking tape is NOT allowed on mounts, only artists framing tape.
  3. Prints can be home, or trade processed


PDI sizes

  1. PDIs should be no greater than 1600px horizontal x 1200px vertical in jpeg format and will be projected in sRGB colour space.


Disqualification rules

  1. Duplicate Images in the same competition (previous years are included)
  2. Images that appear to be the same as a previously accepted image by a specific photographer are unacceptable.


Tenure of Trophies.

  1. All competitions are for a tenure of 12 months.
  2. All trophies are to be returned to the CELO 2 weeks before the next competition date (not replicas or individual awards).


Loss or Damage

  1. Whilst every possible care will be taken of entries whilst in its possession, the Federation cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.


Right to Display

  1. The WPF reserve the right not to display an image.

Issue 3 – Published May 2018