New WPF Competition Rules Proposed

This message from Roy Thomas….

This is intended for the Secretaries & Competition Secretaries of WPF Camera Clubs – because personnel change regularly I would be grateful if you could pass this to the correct person and by return inform me of any changes – thanks!

Last year’s Pair of Aces was quite poorly attended we also found that there was significant debate over the Competition Rules at that time – with verbal changes being made of which not all Clubs were aware.

We circulated every Club with the AGM paperwork and invited all Clubs to send representatives along in the morning to discuss the situation – and anything else they felt was of importance. Although not many Clubs attended those that did made their views clear and the WPF Executive agreed to revisit the Pair of Aces and to review in detail all our rules which had become complex with many rushed changes. We have spent considerable time in discussion and exchange of Emails and have now reached a point where we have agreed the Aces  methodology and the Competition Rules.

The Aces – It has been decided to revert back to the previous format of having an Ace of Clubs for PDIs in February with the top two Clubs going on to represent us at the PAGB PDI Event in Warwick in July if they choose to go. The Ace of Prints will be run separately In July each year with the top 2 Clubs going on to represent us at the PAGB Print Event in Blackburn in October if they choose to go.

These dates will give Clubs time to prepare for each PAGB Event and have time to create new work for the following year.

These changes will take place in 2019.

Rules – The rules for both these Competitions an the others have been simplified and are attached – please read them – we would welcome any comments that you would like to make – direct them to me and I will circulate to the Executive. (The Rules are all Revision A 2018 – any updates will be circulated and given anew alpha code).

Ace of Clubs Rules Issue A May 2018

Ace of Prints Rules Issue A 2018

Memorial Day Rules Issue A 2018

Welsh Salon Rules Issue A 2018

General Competition Rules Issue A May 2018

Roy Thomas