2012 FIAP Awards for 23

We are delighted to announce that all the WPF applicants, 23 of them,  have received their FIAP awards.Many congratulations to the following people:


Val shepherd

Susan Ashford

Robbie Tucker

Robert Owens

Mike Baker

John Cooke

Gillian Mackay

Gary Collyer

Malcolm Kingswell

Ed Cloutman

Darren Boxer

Alan Jenkinson

Rhodri Llewellyn

Philippa Wood

Linda Cowen

Neville Thomas


Mervyn Pugh

Gary Shinner

David Edwards

EFIAP bronze

Jill Baxter

Andrew Baxter

Ann Davies

Jan Cawley

Well done everyone.

It is customary to present all awards at The AGM (on March 4th)  Please let Jan Cawley know if you cannot attend.  Maybe for these members we can present the awards at The Ace of Clubs. Jan Cawley  janzmail1@btinternet.com