2013 AWPF Distinction Successes

The 2013 AWPF Distinctions were held at Talbot Green on Sunday 10th November and out of the 12 who entered 5 were successful. Congratulations go to ;-

Joanne Searle AWPF of Kinswood photographic Society
David Jones AWPF of Conwy Camera Club
Cliff Emery AWPF of Neath Photographic Society
Vince Penticost AWPF of Western Valley Camera Club
Angie Jones AWPF of Towy Valley Camera Club

The panels can be seen here.

The WPF Distinctions Secretary, Alan Shepherd, sends thanks to the chair of the Judges Nick Jenkins and also to Mervyn Pugh, Dave Lingham, Ann Davies and Pete McClosky for doing an excellent job.

Alan also wishes to thank the unsuccessful applicants (four print panels and three digital submissions) for their courage in presenting their work for judging. He trusts they will not be too disapponted and will benefit from the process. Also a big vote of thanks goes to Allan Squires and the WPF Exec. for their help on the day.