2011 International Salon Acceptances

WPF Members have achieved numerous international acceptances in recent weeks.

Bor 2011

Mike Baker had 6 acceptances Andrew Baxter had 5 acceptances
Jill Baxter had 10 acceptances Darren Boxer had 5 acceptances
Jan Cawley had 4 acceptances Ed Cloutman had 8 acceptances
Phil Davies had 1 acceptance Alan Jenkinson had 11 acceptances
Colin Kelly who 1 acceptance Ian Ledgard had 6 acceptances
Neville Thomas had 2 acceptances Dennis Russ had 3 acceptances

Alan Jenkinson also had a Gold Medal – Well done!!!

Portrait 2011

Jan Cawley had 2 acceptances Ed Cloutman had 6 acceptances
Phil Davies had 2 acceptance Alan Jenkinson had 7 acceptances
Colin Kelly had 1 acceptance Ian Ledgard had 4 acceptances
Leigh Woolford had 7 acceptances

There were also numerous WPF acceptances in the Southampton International.