Warwick 2012 Results

On Saturday the two clubs representing The WPF made history.  Inn Focus scored really well in the first two rounds with a total of 203 for 16 images. To put this in perspective Wigan 10 the eventual trophy winners (again) scored 208. The final Trophy rounds which needed another 20 images (10 could be from the earlier rounds but 10 had to be new) gave them a final score of 246 for these images whereas Wigan 10 scored a total of 267 to take the trophy.

The final results for the 8 clubs qualifying for the final round were;

Rolls-Royce Derby  – 8th with 236 points

Inn Focus  WPF  – Joint 5th 246 points

Cannock PS Mid.Counties

Leek PC          Mid Counties

Plymouth CC   4th with 247 points

Smethwick PS   3rd with 258 points

Amersham PS   2nd with 259 points

Wigan 10  – 1st with a score of 267.  Well done to them.

Inn Focus was the first Welsh Club to qualify for the final and many, many  congratulations to them.

They qualify by right for the competition next year and now have 12 months to find a greater depth of work to challenge for the top spot.  (40 images is a lot for a small club to find.)

Tenby did not get through to the final Trophy –  they scored 195 and were just pipped for the final place but they did go into the Plate competition . Last year Gwynfa jointly won this Plate but were asked to have a play off,  and lost it by one mark.  This year, however, Tenby won the Plate outright with 106 points. The final scores were;

3rd  Cambridge CC  with 103

2nd Newton Abbot PC  104

And 1st  Tenby CC with 106.

So many congratulations to Tenby also.  Remember, that they also won the plate for the Inter-Club Pint competition at Connah`s Quay last year.

It was a brilliant day for the WPF clubs.  It was a marvellous competition and the work entered by all clubs was absolutely wonderful and very inspiring.  There were 8 members from Tenby 6 members from Inn Focus and Ed & I went along to support both clubs.  Roy Thomas was also there as one of the competition  organisers.

We recommend that every club sends someone to this event so that they can see the standard of work required for these competitions.

Next year this also means that three clubs from The WPF will be able to compete at Warwick.