Neil Jones Sentenced

The former treasurer of the Welsh Photographic Society, Mr. Neil Jones, has been sentenced for the theft of monies totalling approximately £16,500 from the society after pleading guilty to all charges brought against him. The honourable judge, justice John Curran said said that this was a serious breach of trust in taking the members subscription money for his own ends and his decision was to sentence Mr. Jones to 12 months, suspended for 2 years including 6 months on probation. He further said that Mr. Jones should not be relieved of his responsibility to repay the funds but realising his situation he was making an order that he should do so at a rate of £20 per week. Consequently, Mr Jones will have repaid the money he stole in around 16 years.

The WPF Exec would like to take this opportunity to thank all the clubs and their members for their generous and sympathetic support during what has been a very difficult couple of years.