2012 PAGB Inter Federation PDI Competition Results

The WPF featured very well in the recent inter-federation PDI competition finishing 7th from 14 federations in both the Nature and the Open sections, not far off the pace in either category.

In the Nature section four WPF photographs were selected for the exhibition, the succesfull photographers being Jenny Hibbert (Bridgend), Bob Beynon (Gwynfa), David Edwards and Haydn Thomas (both of Neath). A full list of WPF nature scores can be found here. In the Open section WPF photographers achieved a total of 11 acceptances, the succesful photographers being Jeff Driscoll and Dennis Russ (both of Abertawe), Dennis Clarke, Brian Coleman and Alan Jenkinson (all of Bridgend), Mike Howell (Cardiff), Leigh Woolford (Gwynfa), Eric Williams (Newport) and Royston Packer, Jill Baxter and Andrew Baxter (all of Tenby). A full list of WPF Open scores can be found here. Hearty congratulations to all the photographers selected to represent the WPF and particularly to those who had images accepted for exhibition. Here you can find finishing places of the federations for both Open and Nature.