2023 AWPF Results

Welsh Photographic Federation Associate Assessment Day – 4th November 2023 – Distinctions Secretary’s Report.

The AWPF assessment was held on the 4th November 2023 at Talbot Green Community Centre.  It was very pleasing to see so many people who had come to view proceedings some of whom had travelled far and wide and my thanks go out to everyone who attended.

I am pleased to report that there were the maximum 25 candidates for the 2023 AWPF award; 21 print submissions and 4 Digital submissions.  I was delighted to witness that 15 of the 21 print submissions were successful with a 71% success rate while 1 of the 4 Digital submissions was successful with a 25% success rate.  The overall success rate was 64%.

The 16 candidates that did achieve the high standard the award demands, are listed below:

Carol McNiven Young – Rolls Royce Derby – Natural Rhythms
Robert Millin – Wigan 10 – World Gymnastics Championships 2022
Samantha Owens  – Carmarthen PS – Furries
Scott Coe – Beyond Group  – Scapes
Peter Milsom – Beyond Group – Sport
Jane Barrett – Beyond Group – Wildlife of Zambia
Nick Alston – Beyond Group – Sport
Richard Hainsworth –  Mold CC-  Heavens Above
Roger Thomas – Bridgend and District CC – Flower Portraits
Paul Holt – Maesycwmmer CC – Portraits
Steve Hawker – Western Valley CC – Waterfalls of Wales
Wendy Jones – Morriston CC – Long since a home
Allan Pick – Afan Need CC – Life on the street
Dave Jowitt – Mold Camera Club – Portals Of Erddig
Kevin Williams – Ipswich and District PS – Wildlife action
Wayne Davey – Beyond Group – WW2 Aircraft in Flight

The Assessors were:

  • Leigh Woolford, (Chairman) Hon.FWPF. DPAGB. EFIAP. AWPF. BPE4
  • Jenny Hibbert, MPAGB. AWPF. EFIAP/G, BPE2
  • Les Loosemore ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB
  • Peter Brisley DPAGB, EFIAP, BPE2
  • Sue O’Connell. EFIAP/d3. ABPE. MPSA, ABPE

The day was a success because of the fine efforts of the photographers and of course because of the help and support of so many people who are dedicated to supporting amateur photography in South Wales and beyond.  I thank them all and in particular our assessors for their expertise and detailed critique, their fairness in the assessment, taking the time to provide feedback to candidates and of course ensuring the maintenance of the high standard of photography needed to gain the prestigious award of AWPF.

Grateful thanks to WPF President Susan Surridge for opening and closing the proceedings; David Lewis for his support on the day and also making himself available throughout the year when I needed advice and support; Cliff Emery for supplying the display stands and helping through the day; Martin Nagle for transporting all the equipment from the storage area; Dave Condon, Peter Young and Guy Butler-Madden for arranging to display the prints on the day; Cliff Emery and Peter Young for calibrating and operating the laptop and projector; Jill Young, Susan Surridge and John Surridge for refreshments throughout the day and providing lunch for the assessors and helpers; John Surridge for being the official photographer for the day.

Thank you all very much for supporting the AWPF, without you it would not have been possible, and your help and guidance is a determining factor in the continued success and popularity of the AWPF distinction.

The standard for AWPF continues to be high and I am so very pleased to see so many successful candidates.  I have to report that I think that this high success rate was down to hard work from the candidates but also to the support that was given freely by the mentors.  Thank you Peter Young, Dave Condon, Ed Cloutman, Julie Morgan, Suzanne Slee and Cliff Emery.  Your contribution is immeasurable and appreciated by the candidates, by me and by the WPF committee.

There was a very high standard again this year and those less successful candidates, all of which were so close to gaining the award, are thanked for their contributions and recommended to address the constructive comments made by the judges and apply again next year.

Paul James AWPF

The biggest thank you must go to Paul James who put so much hard work into organising and running such a successful distinctions day.