2013 FIAP Distinctions for WPF members

Great news from Jan Cawley

I am delighted to announce that all twenty one applicants have been successful in achieving their FIAP Distinctions this year. My congratulations go to:

Barry Hill, Paul Davies, Brian Coleman, Cliff Emery, Dave Russell, Gwynfryn Jones, Jenny Hibbert, Robert Dummer and Vikki Baines.

Ed Cloutman, Alan Jenkinson, Gill Mackay, Graham Davies, Haydn Thomas, John Cooke, Malcolm Kingswell, Neville Thomas and Leigh Woolford

Ian Ledgard

Jill Baxter and Jan Cawley

Good luck to everyone at the next level.  I will get in touch about presenting the certificates. The Life Cards have yet to arrive!

Jan Cawley.