Invitation to enter the 2023 Ace of Prints

Your Club’s is invited to compete in the annual WPF Ace of Prints competition on 2nd July, 2023.

The location is yet to be confirmed but will probably be in Talbot Green or Briton Ferry, unless there is a Club out there that would host the event for us. If you have a hall available and are interested contact Roy Thomas (details below).

Closing date for entries will be 18th June 2023. Please notified Roy Thomas of your intention to enter as soon as possible.

The competition is in two rounds. Round one is for 12 prints and the list of prints for must be given to Roy Thomas by the closing date. Round two is for 15 prints and this list is to be prepared on the day, after seeing the first round judging.

Each club may bring an unlimited ‘bank’ of prints but please read the  conditions of entry relating to their use.

Prints can be delivered to Roy Thomas or brought to the venue by 9.00am on the day of the competition. The competition would then start following sorting and interleaving of all Club prints. (Note, all prints need to be labelled with Club name, photographer’s name and title).

The top two Clubs in the competition will be invited to represent us at the PAGB Inter Club Print event held every year in Blackburn.

Roy Thomas
01639 644757 / 07880 710908