Judge & Presenter News

Ed Cloutman has informed us that he has done away with the Judges and Presenters STATISTICS forms as they no longer serve much purpose.  If Judges or Presenters have any problems or wish to change or add to their presentations, please email him directly at judgepresent@thewpf.co.uk

The Judges and Presenters Assessment Forms will, of course, remain as they are very valuable for feedback. Please remember to complete them as often as you can. 

Online Judges assessment form

Online Presenters Assessment Form

As the club season is coming to an end (for some clubs), he is going to send out individual feedback to each judge with a summary of general comments made about them throughout the last year. These are strictly confidential. The feedback will also give judges an idea of the way their ratings are progressing, and for those who have not yet got any stars, how many more returns are required for them to have a rating.

He is also going to try and ensure that all our judges on the Supplementary List get the boost they need to go on the Main List.