Meritorious Service Award – HonFWPF

The WPF has decided that it is long past time to re-launch our Award for Meritorious Service the Hon.FWPF; on our website there is a new link which lists all the current holders of this award.

We attach for your perusal the documentation providing details of the criteria required to earn this award and an application form which must be completed and sent with the citation to the Awards Secretary at

So the question is: –

Who is the person that over the last 10 to 20 or even more years that has kept your Club going, who is the person that has provided service to you and your Club for this extended period simply for the love of this hobby of ours; who has been an officer of your Club through the good times and the bad times – the person who you can always turn to for assistance and makes you and others welcome and provides enthusiastic encouragement to members at all times.

This person may as well have provided lengthy services on behalf of the WPF to other Clubs and their members by being a Judge or Presenter or even an Executive member for an extended period of time.

All of the above lead to the phrase “Meritorious Service” providing service over and above the average Club member or committee person – a person that we should all recognise and take the time and trouble to thank!

So it shouldn’t be difficult to spot this person and it just needs a little effort from yourself to fill out the Citation giving details of this person’s service with dates and the range of positions and tasks they have carried out – so that the Awards Committee can give proper consideration to the application!

These applications will and must be held in confidence from the nominee and others until the Award is made – if it is not accepted, nominator will be provided with clear reasons for this non acceptance.

All the information needed to make a nomination is on our website at

Chairman of the Meritorious Service Committee