2022 AWPF Assessment Day Results

Welsh Photographic Federation Associate Assessment Day
6th November 2022 – Distinctions Secretary’s Report.

The AWPF assessment was held on the 6th November 2022, despite the awful weather we still had an audience of about 50 dedicated photographers and supporters many traveling hundreds of miles to attend, we are grateful for their support. We were unable to broadcast the event via Zoom.

There were 20 applications, for the 2022 AWPF award. 16 print submissions and 4 Digital submissions, unfortunately 11 candidates failed to reach the standard required to achieve a successful outcome. That is a pass rate of 45%.
Those 9 candidates that did achieve the high standard the award demands, are listed below.

Suzanne Slee Afan Nedd – Footwear
Clive Tanner Maidstone C.C. – Pax Aeterna
Andy Hanson Bottisham PC – Colour Contrasts
Jane Lines Chorley P.S. – The Art of The Dance
Adrian Lines Chorley P.S. – Introspection
Sue Critchlow Southport P.S. – Mono Moments at The Coast
Steve Field Bristol P.S. – My Guitars
Jane Lazenby Wigan 10 – Ophelia in the Underworld
Chris Evans Prestatyn C.C. – Architecture

The assessors were:
1. Leigh Woolford, (Chairman) Hon.FWPF. DPAGB. EFIAP. AWPF. BPE4.
2. Jenny Hibbert, MPAGB. AWPF. EFIAP/G.
3. Brian Coleman, AWPF. AFIAP, Hon FWPF. APAGB
5. Sue O’Connell. FIPF. DPAGB. EFIAP/d3. ABPE. EPSA

The day was made possible because of the help given by many dedicated people and I would like to thank them all, in particular:

Our assessors for their expertise and detailed critique, their fairness in the assessment, maintaining the high standard of photography needed to gain the prestigious award of AWPF.

Our grateful thanks to our President Jenny Hibbert for opening the proceedings, Paul James for his continuing help throughout the year with publicity, computer issues, printing all the certificates and much more. Guy Butler-Madden and Cliff Emery for suppling the display stand, and packing the prints away after assessment. Paul James for supplying his superb panel, for the judges to use as a lead in at the start. Martin Nagle and Allan Pick, for transporting the equipment to and from the stores, Ron Lines and Paul James for helping to load the prints on the stand, Roy Thomas for operating the projector for the PDI’s.

Thank you all. You have made my job easy, for without your help the day would not be possible.

The standard was very high again this year and those unsuccessful candidates, all of which were so close to gaining the award, are recommended to address the constructive comments made by the judges and apply again next year.

David Lewis (AWPF Distinctions Secretary)