PSA Salon News

A number of PSA members in the WPF have been accumulating acceptances and awards in International Exhibitions recognised by the Photographic Society of America. Modesty prevents many from broadcasting their successes.

Hot off the press news are the results of the Golden Tiger Circuit in Malaysia where Gary Shinner had 27 acceptances with 6 awards including a Gold medal  and Ian Ledgard 18 acceptances with 3 awards including a Gold medal.

There may be other WPF members who entered this Exhibition who have also had success but we will not know until the catalogue is published.

I hope that this will encourage more WPF photographers to enter PSA recognised exhibitions and raise the profile of Welsh photography. I am happy to assist  and answer questions for any who may be interested to do so.

Ian Ledgard, GMPSA/b
PSA Membership Director for Wales